Above the jumping bass, I’m humming ‘Moon Tae-jong-Cho Seong-min famous match’ from 12 years ago is recalled

Back then it was a ‘loss’, now it’s a ‘victory’ Coach Jeon Chang-jin “A play that only stars can make”
Taejong Moon is happy 12 years ago

The match between Heo Woong (KCC) and Paris Bass (KT) is a hot topic among professional basketball fans.

This is because it reminds me of the famous match between Tae-jong Moon (retired) and Seong-min Cho (current coach of Anyang Jeong Kwan-jang), who competed for the position of professional basketball representative shooter 12 years ago.

In the 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball regular league game held at Suwon KT Arena in Gyeonggi-do on the 7th, Busan KCC defeated Suwon KT 96-94 after a close match.

A series of dramatic situations unfolded at the end of the game.Heo Woong scored a free throw 13.2 seconds before the end of the game when KT was leading 91-92, and the game seemed to be leaning in KCC’s favor.

However, Heo Woong, who is recording a high success rate of 84.5%, missed the second free throw. 메이저사이트

KT’s main gun, Bass, received the ball given by Moon Jeong-hyun, who won the rebound, and passed to the opponent’s court without delay.When Laguna blocked him, he confidently threw 3 points.

It was 4.9 seconds before the end that Bass’ 3-point hit the rim.With these three points, KT, who went back to 94-93, seemed to secure a dramatic victory at home.

Then, Heo Woong broke through Han Hee-won’s defense and quickly advanced to KT’s 3-point line.

Next, Ha Yoon-ki’s difficult 3-pointer passed the rim just as the final buzzer sounded.

Heo Woong cheered and held a ceremony, and Bass could not hide his devastated expression.

This scene is similar to the famous match produced by Moon Tae-jong and Jo Seong-min, who were active as national team shooters, 12 years ago.

In the regular league game held at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on January 10, 2012, Incheon Electronic Land (now Daegu Korea Gas Corporation) beat Busan KT (now Suwon KT) 76-74.

KCC Heo Woong attempts a 3-point shot

At the end of the game, when the team was down 71-73, coach Jeon Chang-jin, who was leading KT, requested time for the operation and made a final game-winning move.

Cho Seong-min followed the former coach’s strategy by going around the screen and scoring 3 points.It was about 5 seconds before the end of the game.

When the score changed to 74-73, Coach Jeon raised his right hand as if he was confident of victory.

Meanwhile, Moon Tae-jong quickly crossed into the opponent’s half and then unexpectedly threw 3 points from a distance between the half line and the 3-point line.

This shot cleanly split the rim, and the final buzzer sounded, confirming E-Land’s victory.

While Moon Tae-jong was happy, Cho Seong-min was lying on the court and couldn’t hide his disappointment and had a gloomy expression.

The former coach of KCC, who lost at the time but went on to win 12 years later in the same situation, laughed at the post-game press conference and said, “We lost that time.”

Coach Jeon said, “The moment the bass threw, I saw a parabola and it was a parabola going in. I looked at the time right after I went in. In fact, La Gun-a ran at the end. (Heo Woong) I thought it would be great to give it to Geon-ah, but Heo Woong solved it.” said.

He added, “I was lucky, but in the end, (the last shot) went in because I had the spirit to win,” adding, “I think it’s the kind of play that only stars can make.”

Heo Woong said, “If I don’t shoot (at that moment), who will shoot?” and “If you catch the ball, you have to create space and shoot.”

Coincidentally, the player who defended Moon Tae-jong at the last moment 12 years ago was KT coach Song Young-jin.

This time, Coach Song, who lost the home victory right before his eyes due to Heo Woong’s one-shot, said, “We shouldn’t have hit that shot at the end. But we were the ones who gave it room,” and added, “I think KCC had more luck in this regard.” . 토토사이트 추천

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