The Passionate Catcher Left, but the Shutout Catcher with a 2-0 Record in his Debut is Back Expecting an Interesting Picture

“I’m looking forward to an interesting picture.”

The KIA Tigers had a disappointing farewell to the Okinawa finishing camp. 

Shin Beom-soo, who quietly contributed as a catcher in the Futures team and the first team for eight years

left after being selected by SSG Landers in the second round of the draft. 

Breaking up is a common occurrence in the professional world

but the transfer of Shin Beom-soo

who devoted himself more passionately to games and training than anyone else, left something to be desired.

Looking at it another way, Shin Beom-soo can get a new opportunity at SSG. Since SSG is short on catcher resources 토토사이트

Shin Beom-soo has the advantage of being able to expand his chances of playing in the first team. 

Coach Kim Jong-guk also cheered for Shin Beom-soo

saying, “I’m so sorry for not giving him many opportunities here.

I hope he gets more opportunities with his new team.”

At the same time, KIA can be seen as having lost a gunnery resource. 

Instead, a new option will return in January next year.

 Kwon Hyuk-kyung, who enlisted as an active-duty soldier, is being discharged.

Hyuk-Kyung Kwon is a promising prospect selected in the 2nd 4th round of 2021.

He has a sturdy build of 188 cm and 95 kg

and his defensive skills as a catcher are also stable.

He has infinite potential,

Possessing both precision and slugging power in his batting.

Kwon Hyuk-kyung had a thrilling professional debut. 

I can’t forget July 11th of the 2021 season, when COVID-19 was rampant.

First-team catchers Kim Min-sik and Han Seung-taek were absent due to coronavirus issues.

KIA, which was in an emergency situation

made an emergency call-up of catcher resources Lee Jeong-hoon and Kwon Hyuk-kyung. 

As Lee Jeong-hoon was not in good physical condition

Kwon Hyuk-kyung wore a mask over his hips.

It was his exciting professional debut, but he had a major accident. 

From the first inning

he blocked the opponent from stealing bases with a bullet throw

And teamed up with starters Lee Ui-ri

Park Jin-tae, Jang Hyun-sik, and Jeong Hae-young to lead a 2-0 shutout win.

Everyone was surprised.

Everyone applauded, saying, “How can you do so well in your debut match?

Although he did not get the chance later

the name Kwon Hyeok-kyung was made known to everyone.

He joined the military after the season. 

It was a choice to quickly resolve his military service issues and focus on baseball.

Meanwhile, KIA was struggling with a catch. 

As Kim Min-sik and Han Seung-taek both fell into a slump

it became a risk position.

Park Dong-won was also recruited for the 2022 season.

When Park Dong-won qualified as a free agent and left

veteran Kim Tae-gun was reinforced by trade again during the 2023 season.

The catching problem began to be resolved when Kim Tae-goon wore the Tigers uniform. 

2018 first-round designated catcher Han Jun-su also appeared. 

After being discharged from the military

he was in good spirits and received a call-up to the first team after participating in a Futures match.

His skills grew rapidly, and he took his place as the second catcher behind Kim Tae-gun. 

He is the biggest competitor to the returning Kwon Hyuk-kyung.

In addition, Lee Sang-jun, who was selected in the third round in the 2023 rookie draft, also joined.

He is already showing his presence at the Okinawa finishing camp. 

He left a mark with his power in his batting, strong arms, and tenacity.

Manager Kim Jong-guk praised him, saying,

If he refines himself a little more, he will become a great catcher.

If Kwon Hyuk-kyung returns, we will have several reliable catchers.

I looked forward to the competition and growth of Coach Kim’s catchers. 

Hyuk-kyung has very good basic skills. When he is discharged from the military

he will have to travel a lot in the first half of the year to prepare himself to play baseball with the Futures team.

Junsu was the same. When he is discharged from the military

he comes back with a different mindset.

Both Sang-jun and Hyuk-kyung will return.

They all have high potential.

I think it will be an interesting picture in the future,” he said. 

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