The Gyeongnam Provincial Assembly’s Culture and Welfare Committee said on the 24th that the venues for the Gyeongnam People’s Sports Games (hereinafter referred to as the Minjangcheon) are concentrated in city areas, and that follow-up measures should be taken to allow county areas to host the Minjangcheon as well.According to the provincial council’s Culture and Welfare Committee, the Minjoojeon is Gyeongnam’s largest sports festival, with more than 20,000 athletes from eight cities and 10 counties participating.

It has been held 62 times since 1962 until this year.However, the provincial council pointed out that there have been only two times when the Minjindo Games were held at the county level, in 2001 (co-hosted by Tongyeong City, Geoje City, and Goseong County) and 2005 (co-hosted by Milyang City and Changnyeong County).Based on the ‘Act on the Installation and Use of Sports Facilities,’ Gyeongnam Province provides provincial support for the Minjindo Games by maintaining stadium facilities at the venue.

“As the People’s Power Park Joo-en (Geochang 1) said, “With the People’s Power Games being held in urban areas, it is difficult for county areas to seize the opportunity to expand infrastructure such as improving physical education facilities.” “To prevent the gap in physical education facilities between cities and counties from growing and to achieve balanced regional development, the People’s Power Games should be held in county areas,” he emphasized.”In 2024 (Milyang City) and 2025 (Jinju City), where the venues have already been decided, the 2026 Games should be held 스포츠토토존 in military areas,” Park argued.

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