Lee Jung-hyun emerges as South Korea’s basketball ace

Lee explodes for 3-pointers and more in Games 1 and 2 of friendly series against Japan

Lee Jung-hyun, 25, of professional basketball’s Goyang Sono, has been a dominant force in the two friendlies between the Korean and Japanese men’s national basketball teams, establishing himself as Korea’s basketball ace.

Lee was dominant in a pair of friendly games against the Japanese National Team in Tokyo, Japan, on March 5 and 7, scoring 27 points in the first game and 26 in the second. In the first game, he hit six three-pointers and was a key contributor to an 85-84 victory, including a game-tying jumper with 14 seconds left in regulation. While he has been referred to as “Jjak Jeong-hyun” (little Lee Jung-hyun) to distinguish him from his senior teammate Lee Jung-hyun of the Seoul Samsung, 카지노사이트 추천 he is now comfortable with the title of “ace”.

“It was a short period of time, but it was a good result that we prepared well and finished with one win and one loss,” Lee Jung-hyun said in an interview at the airport on the 8th, “I think I played with more confidence because I felt that I was worthy of playing Japan.”

It was expected that Korea would lose this game against Japan, but Lee Jung-hyun’s performance saved their pride. Japan is ranked 26th in the FIBA world, higher than South Korea (50th), and unlike South Korea, they are at full strength for the Paris Olympics, which starts later this month.

“The coach emphasized teamwork because the players’ physical condition was not so good, and the players rallied around the captain, Byun Jun-hyung,” Lee said. “The team atmosphere was very bright and the attitude in practice was really good because we were training with players of similar ages.” Only Byun Jun-hyung was born in 1996, while the other 11 members of the team were born between 1999 and 2001.

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