Taz Singh’s dream comes true by starring in RM’s ‘Lost!’ music video

Actor Taz Singh / Courtesy of Taz Singh

For Taz Singh, a U.K.-based actor of Indian origin, appearing in the music video of “Lost!” by K-pop behemoth RM of BTS was like a dream come true.

As a long-time fan of BTS and K-pop, he literally jumped for joy when he learned that he would be featured in the work of BTS’ frontman, who is currently serving his compulsory military service. At first, Singh had no idea who he would team up with, as an audition that his London agent got him was highly confidential. He only knew that it was a 카지노 project for a Korean artist, but still threw his hat in the ring and ended up getting the role.

“I did not know who I would be working with until the last minute,” Singh recalled during a Zoom interview with The Korea Times, May 30. “So, it was a very big surprise when I heard that it was for RM. I was just full of joy at the moment.”

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