BNK’s Sohee Lee on the Korea-Japan exchange event

Lee So-hee (BNK) gained valuable experience.

On March 3, Lee represented Korea Women’s Basketball at the W-League All-Star Game 2023-2024 in Aichi at the Toyoda Kosei Memorial Gymnasium in Nagoya, Japan. As she entered the stadium to the cheers of the fans who filled the arena, Lee introduced herself in Japanese, drawing attention to herself.

Lee So-hee has participated in three Korea-Japan exchange events over the past year. As a member of the WKBL Rising Stars, she competed against the W-League Rising Stars. At this year’s WKBL All-Star Game, she was a finalist in the 3-point shooting contest, competing against Haruna Kasagi (Mitsubishi Electric). This time, he represented the WKBL in the W-League GREATEST25 All-Star Game, wearing a Seogun jersey.

He was applauded for his long-range three-point shot and his breakthroughs using his speed. She also set up her teammates with sharp passes. Lee finished with three points, two rebounds, and two assists.

After the game, Lee So-hee said, “It’s true that Korean women’s basketball has been lagging behind Japan lately. I knew I had to play a solid game. I didn’t have a good performance last season, so I thought more about it. I was more delicate and thought about doing well,” Lee said.

When asked about playing in the W-League All-Star Game for the second year in a row, she laughed, saying, “I was a senior when I came last year, but now I’m the youngest,” and added, “There were very few older players in BNK Thumb. This time, I talked to my sisters about my thoughts. I think it’s a good experience,” she reflected.

Her back-to-back visits to Japan have been a topic of conversation among Japanese reporters. When asked about her thoughts on basketball exchanges between Korea and Japan, Lee So-hee said, “I think it’s positive. The WKBL is implementing the Asian quota system from this season, and I think it will be a stimulus for domestic players. I think it’s an opportunity for me to develop as well. I think Korean women’s basketball can develop through such exchanges,” she said encouragingly.

The WKBL will implement an Asian quota system for Japanese players starting in the 2024-2025 season. There will be another competition.

“I don’t know (how it will work) yet. I think it’s 50/50. I only experienced the foreign player system for about a year when I came to the pros. There is a positive part. Playing against Japanese players can 안전놀이터 improve my international competitiveness. On the other hand, you might not get a chance. I think I’ll only know after a year or so.”

Lee previously faced Kasagi in the finals of the WKBL All-Star Game 3-point shooting contest in January. Kasagi was also a finalist in the W-League All-Star Game 3-point shooting contest. However, the rematch was canceled as Lee competed in the Skills Challenge.

“I’ll change it up today,” he laughed, before adding, “It’s a shame. I actually thought we were tied, so I was excited, but then I realized I lost by one point. If it was during the season, I would try to fight back, but I’m not confident right now because I had a long break. But if I get a chance to play again, I’m confident that I can do well,” he said.

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