Navas, even the sign of the soccer boots…Lee Kangin loves you all

음바페 “내 아들 이강인”…나바스, 축구화 사인까지…이강인 형들 사랑 독차지한다

“Genius” Lee Kang-in (23, PSG) is monopolizing the love of PSG brothers.

PSG advanced to the final by beating Stade Rennes 1-0 in the “Coup de France semifinals of the 2023-2024 season” held in Paris, France on Sunday (Korea time). PSG aims to become the world champion by winning the League 1.

PSG won 1-0 in the 40th minute of the first half when Kylian Mbappe scored the winning goal. Lee Kang-in started as a starter but failed to impress. Lee Kang-in replaced Colomouani after 84 minutes.

This season, Lee Kang-in successfully adapted from the first season of PSG. In particular, he showed off his perfect chemistry with superstar Mbappe. When Lee Kang-in’s pass led to Mbappe’s goal, Mbappe posted a picture of him hugging with the message “My son LEE” on his SNS account.

It is Lee Kang-in, who is enjoying the love of his older brothers. The British account of “League 1” posted a picture of Lee Kang-in’s soccer boots signed by his teammates on the 4th. The main characters were Keylor Navas and Marco Asensio. The account reported that “Lee Kang-in’s soccer shoes were decorated with Navas and Asensio’s autographs.” This shows how much trust Lee Kang-in has gained from his older brothers.

Fans are also sending explosive popularity and interest to Lee Kang-in. The Sun said on Thursday, “If the player who sold the most uniforms in PSG, fans would definitely think of Mbappe’s name. However, there is another player who sold the most uniforms in PSG. It’s an unfamiliar name. He is Lee Kang-in from Korea.”

According to the media, most of Lee Kang-in’s uniforms were reportedly purchased by Asian fans online. Even offline uniform sales are reported to be second after Mbappe. It is evidence that Lee Kang-in’s popularity is “true.”

The Sun said, “Lee Kang-in has sold the most uniforms online. He even surpassed PSG star Mbappe, Hakimi, and Dembele. The 23-year-old is a star on the Korean national team along with Son Heung-min. PSG 메이저사이트 even opened a team store in Seoul. Lee Kang-in’s joining in Paris is exerting tremendous influence on the club.”

According to League 1, after Lee Kang-in joined PSG, the number of Korean fans entering PSG’s home stadium increased by 20%. The number of times Korean fans take stadium tours has soared by 300%. Going to PSG Stadium has become a hot place for tours without fail when you go on a tour to Paris.

“PSG alone spent 19 million pounds (32.4 billion won) on Lee Kang-in,” the Sun said. “However, he is making huge profits thanks to his popularity. Recruitment of Lee Kang-in is truly a huge success,” in complimenting PSG’s marketing skills.


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