Samsung to drive home appliance innovation with AI: CEO

Seen is Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke AI Combo, an all-in-one washer-dryer with AI features. Samsung will announce its new home appliance lineup equipped with enhanced AI and SmartThings internet of things (IoT) features on Wednesday. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics is set to launch its Bespoke AI home appliance lineup, powered with cutting-edge AI and SmartThings internet of things, or IOT, technologies, to offer consumers smarter experiences, its vice chairman and CEO of device experience, Han Jong-hee, said Monday.”Fifty years ago, in 1974, Samsung Electronics introduced its first refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner to the world. In the time since, we have continued pushing the boundaries of innovation in digital appliances,” Han said via its company newsroom.”Fast forward to five years ago, in 2019, when Samsung debuted its first Bespoke appliances. These products were made to transform users’ daily lives with customized features and optimized designs,” he added. “Now, we are set to usher in a new era of AI appliances, featuring cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and SmartThings-based connectivity.”Samsung will launch the Bespoke AI home appliance lineup globally on Wednesday, showing off its AI technology and SmartThings connectivity.The company’s strategy is to maximize the connectivity between mobile devices and home appliances to position itself as the leading player in the AI-powered at-home device market. Samsung also said that the AI function will analyze users’ usage patterns and help them save energy, reducing their environmental impact.

Han called the new devices that Samsung will unveil “the pinncle of AI integration.””Our 2024 appliance lineup represents the pinnacle of AI integration. Designed to significantly ease the burden of doing chores, these appliances incorporate a range of sensors, recognition technology, big data analytics tools, powerful AI chips, and the Tizen OS,” he said.The vice chairman said that Bespoke AI appliances can execute generative AI functions, allowing them to interact with users and perform functions.”With these capabilities, the way in which appliances are used will undergo a complete transformation. The large displays integrated into Family Hub refrigerators and the 7-inch display on Samsung’s latest all-in-one dryer and washer allow easy control and monitoring of appliances throughout the house,” he said. “Moreover, you can conveniently control the main functions of the product using a smartphone, without having to search for a remote control or fiddling with 카지노사이트킹 buttons. This revolutionizes home life.”

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