Debate heats up over relocating National Assembly to Sejong

An aerial view of the Sejong Government Complex / Korea Times file

The ruling People Power Party (PPP) introduced a pledge to relocate the National Assembly to Sejong, but experts noted that while the proposal holds theoretical advantages, it is important to consider practical limitations before implementation.Han Dong-hoon, the interim leader of the PPP, unveiled the proposal on March 27, advocating for the relocation of the Assembly from Yeouido in Seoul south to the administrative capital.He said the relocation would solidify Sejong’s status as an administrative hub as it houses a multitude of ministries and public agencies. Han also envisioned repurposing the existing National Assembly space in Yeouido as a cultural and financial center for the benefit of citizens.During a press conference, Han said that this complete relocation would establish Sejong as a true political capital akin to Washington, D.C., in the United States.

He also emphasized the three key benefits of the relocation plan — addressing administrative inefficiencies, fostering balanced national development and bolstering the local economy.Currently, development in the western part of Yeouido, near the Assembly, is restricted due to restrictions on height.Han proposed reforming the development regulations in Yeouido and actively promoting its transformation into a financial and cultural hub.He also emphasized that relocating the Assembly to Sejong would serve as a catalyst for the new development of Seoul, outlining plans to streamline regulations not only in Yeouido but also in adjacent areas such as Mapo, Yeongdeungpo, Dongjak, Yangcheon and Yongsan 스포츠토토존 districts.

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