Andy Murray said players should respect the referee.

Andy Murray believes players need to be more careful with the way they talk to referees and tennis can learn a lot from rugby on this issue.

Murray’s second-round opponent in Indian Wells on Friday was Andrei Rublev, who was disqualified last week from Dubai for his dirty work.

The world number five screamed in front of a line referee after a call was controversial in the final set of the semi-final against Alexander Bublik.

“All of our players – I think I myself felt guilty for that,” Murray said. “We need to be a little careful about how we talk to the referees and treat them.”

“There is a big difference between rugby and football. Rugby is a great example of how you handle it. Judges are treated respectfully and they will be able to do a better job in tennis as well.

“At the end of the day, as players, we shouldn’t be doing that. It’s not the formula who did it wrong, it’s us.”

Rublev was defaulted after a Russian-speaking official told ATP supervisor Roland Huffel that the 26-year-old had been sworn in in Russian at the line umpire.

Rublev denied he was speaking in Russian and won an appeal for losing ranking points and prize money over the next week. The ATP committee decided the fine would be disproportionate in this case.

Despite the appeal, Rublev’s $36,400 (안전놀이터) fine for violating the rules will remain in place. In a social media post, he promised to learn from his experience and “try to be a better player, a better person,” but did not apologize for his actions.

Another case of recent attention was Alexander Zverev’s disqualification from the 2022 Mexican Open.

The German hit the umpire’s seat several times in anger after a doubles match and on one occasion narrowly missed the umpire’s foot and was suspended for eight weeks.

“I understand that sometimes things happen in the middle of a battle, but there have been many cases of crossing the line in the last four or five years and maybe not enough action has been taken against it,” Murray said.

“So I think we should all look back at ourselves and think, ‘Is this really how we want to handle civil servants or bad phone calls?’

Murray faces Rublev before 20:30 GMT in California.

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