Valieva excluded from Russian figure skating team due to ‘doping disciplinary action’


Russian figure skating star Kamila Valieva (17) was kicked out of the Russian national team after being disciplined for violating anti-doping rules.

According to Interfax news agency, the Russian Ministry of Sports announced on the 7th (local time) that Valieva was excluded from the Russian figure skating team after being disciplined for violating anti-doping rules.

Alexander Kogan, president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, told TASS news agency that “Valieva is not currently part of the national team,” and added, “Everything was decided according to the regulations.” 스포츠 토토사이트

Valieva was found to have violated anti-doping regulations at the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on January 29 and was banned from playing for four years.The disciplinary action will take effect from December 2021, when the drug test took place, and will end in December of next year.

Due to the CAS decision, the Russian figure skating team was stripped of its gold medal in the team event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and its ranking was lowered to third place.

Russia protested that the disciplinary action against Valieva was wrong, but excluded Valieva from the national team.

It is known that Valieva, who rose to stardom by performing the difficult quadruple (four-turn) jump as a junior, is currently unable to train at the state skating rink.

Valieva is having a busy day off the ice.

Valieva, who attended the opening ceremony of the ‘Game of the Future‘ held in her hometown of Kazan, Russia on the 22nd of last month as a guest of honor and sat next to President Vladimir Putin, spoke at the World Youth Festival on the 4th and announced that she plans to participate as the main character in the Chinese ice show. .

However, some point out that performing in China during the disciplinary period could lead to additional disciplinary action. 슬롯게이밍

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