Seoul seeks foreign residents to help tackle city’s inconveniences

Seoul City Hall / Courtesy of Seoul Metropolitan Government

The Seoul Metropolitan Government began recruiting 40 monitoring personnel from Monday until March 8 to address and understand the inconveniences faced by foreign residents living in Seoul. This program, launched in 2012, encourages foreign residents to actively participate in the city’s policymaking by providing insights from their experiences and suggesting improvements. Last year’s program was participated by 37 monitors from 20 different countries.

Eligible applicants include foreign residents, naturalized and marriage immigrants, who have lived in Seoul for over a year and possess proficiency in either Korean or English .Those interested in the program must submit their applications via email. The selection process involves a document review, and candidates for the program will be notified individually by March 15.Selected participants will actively engage in the program for nine months, from April to December this year. They will receive an activity fee of 30,000 won ($22.50) per report, and they can submit up to four reports per month.

During the recruitment phase, the city government plans to consider applicants’ country of origin and skills to ensure an effective collection of opinions on inconveniences faced by foreign residents. “The city government is actively listening to the voices of foreign residents, aiming to enhance their living experiences and create a welcoming and attractive city that people will want to visit and live in,” said Lee Jeong-oak, director of the Family and Multiculturalism Division at the Seoul 슬롯 Metropolitan Government.

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