“Lingard? I didn’t believe it either, it was a surprise.”

“Lingard? I didn’t believe it either, it was a surprise.”

FC Seoul vice captain Cho Young-wook (25) laughed at the mention of Jesse Lingard (32).

The Korea Professional Football Association held its opening media day for the Hana Bank K League 2024 on Saturday morning at The Plaza Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Managers and players from the 12 teams that will compete for the K League 1 title were in attendance.

Among those in attendance was Cho Young-wook, who will be back in a Seoul jersey this season. Last year, he played for Gimcheon Commerce and won a gold medal at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou.

“Personally, I want to score double-digit points,” said Cho, who will also serve as Seoul’s vice captain. “Other teams have two vice captains. But I’m the only one, so I think (Ki) 카지노사이트 Sung-yong will have to play a good role as a middle bridge between my brother and the players. I think I should take better care of the younger players,” he added.

He already had the dignity of a vice-captain.

When asked if he was treated differently, Cho said, “There is one episode. Ilyuchenko and Palousevich went out and bought a lot of sweets. They gave me one and said, ‘Vice captain, remember this,’ or something like that. I’m all Korean,” he laughed.

Seoul made a surprise signing of Jesse Lingard from Manchester United this winter. Inevitably, a lot of fans’ attention will be focused on Lingard.

“I think it’s positive,” Cho says. There might be more fans in Seoul because of Lingard. In a match, the opponent can only focus on Lingard. We are a team that is preparing strongly as a team. If the opponent comes to Lingard, he will take care of it. The rest is up to the other players,” he smiled.

As for what Lingard is like in his own eyes, Cho says, “He’s very technical. And when he gets on the field, he knows what to do in certain situations. I’m trying to learn from him.”

The England international’s arrival came as a surprise to Cho:

“I’m sure you’re all thinking the same thing, ‘Why is he coming? Why is he coming?’ I was like, ‘What is he thinking,’” he says, adding, “I didn’t believe it either. I didn’t believe it. I was surprised,” he laughs.

“But when I saw him, I realized that his attitude towards soccer is really good. I thought, ‘He’s not here to do anything else. Fans can rest assured,” he said, adding, “Lingard is also working hard on his personal training, and he’s working on himself.”

He also shared Lingard’s affinity for the sport. “He’s definitely a world-class player, so his personality is very good. 메이저사이트 He doesn’t back out of anything. We’re having fun together. “I haven’t played a game with Lingard yet, but I’ve played sports with him. I’ll have to ask for one of his (Lingard’s brand) clothes later,” he said.

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