How to fill the void of Cho Yoo-min

The key is to fill the void of Cho Yoo-min (28). Daejeon Hana Citizens’ goal for the 2024 season is to qualify for the Asian Champions League (ACL). After returning to the K League 1 in 2023, Daejeon was praised for its fiery attacking football. Although they failed to reach the Final A, they managed to stay in the top flight. In an effort to upgrade, Daejeon brought in Lee Soon-min, an “active national team member,” as well as Kim Seung-dae, Hosa, and Aaron. For the ACL.

There was a last-minute twist: “captain” and “core defender” Cho Yoo-min suddenly left the team. He received a call from Sharjah FC of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which was looking for a Korean center back, and made a surprise move. 토토사이트 Sharjah decided to pay a buyout that only applies to overseas teams. Although Cho Yoo-min showed off his love for Daejeon, he eventually chose a new challenge to fulfill his dream of going abroad. The big salary was also a factor.

Daejeon had a “meltdown,” and although he was forced to leave

He was worried about the new season that was right around the corner. Daejeon gave Cho Yoo-min the captain’s armband for this season. They wanted him to be a leader in the locker room and to unite Daejeon as he battled with his ACL. However, with Cho leaving, the captaincy was handed over to Lee Sun-min, who had shown great leadership in Gwangju FC. Lee said, “I will be a bitter captain.”

The bigger problem is the performance. Cho Yoo-min was the starting center back. With his height, strength, speed, reading, and buildup, he was the unquestioned core of Daejeon’s defense. Coach Lee Min-sung prepared a “four-back card” to address the team’s disappointing performance last season. He chose Cho and Anton as the starting duo. With the team’s familiarity with three-backs and the new emphasis on buildup, Cho’s role was even more important.

But then Cho Yoo-min left.

Lee was faced with the task of rebuilding his defense from scratch. He immediately looked for an outside transfusion, but as it was the last day of the transfer window, he was unsuccessful. He tried to sign Daegu FC’s Kim Jin-hyuk, but was blocked by the Daegu club’s unionization opposition. In the end, the focus on the team, not the player, was the only way to fill the void.

The solution is likely to be a ‘three-back’. “With Cho Yoo-min’s sudden departure, we are thinking of a three-back as an alternative,” said Lee. With a number of players familiar with the position, and Daejeon utilizing it heavily last season, it shouldn’t take much time. In particular, the presence of Hong Jeong-woon and Aaron, who joined the team this winter, 파워볼실시간 will be a big boost. They are two players who are optimized for the three-back role. Daejeon is likely to switch to a three-back and is focused on increasing its defensive depth. They are looking to bring in younger players. If Kim Jae-woo is released in July, they will have enough players.

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