Why is AB6IX a standout in K-pop?

The teaser for K-pop boy band AB6IX's eighth EP, 'The Future is Ours : Found' / Courtesy of Brandnew Music

If there is one adjective that best describes K-pop boy group AB6IX, it must be “candid.”Unlike most other K-pop singers, who often display reserved demeanors to avoid making a slip of the tongue, the four AB6IX members did not shy away from sharing their authentic thoughts and feelings during a recent interview with The Korea Times at a studio in Gangnam District, southern Seoul. Their outspokenness was most evident when they talked about their music style. Member Daehwi, who was part of the now-defunct project boy group Wanna One before debuting as AB6IX in 2019, first asked this reporter which song best defines his current group. It looked like he was going to accept any answer, but when he heard the response — “Hollywood” (2019) composed by Daehwi — he shook his head with a playful smile and said, “I disagree.”

He added, “If you listen to ‘Grab Me,’ the title track of our new EP, I think you will change your mind.””Grab Me” is the lead single off AB6IX’s eighth EP, “The Future is Ours : Found,” which hit shelves on Monday. Laced with energetic guitar sounds, “Grab Me” incorporates the elements of pop, rock and dance. Through its lyrics, the AB6IX members show their determination to cling to hope even in the face of despair, promising they 슬롯게이밍 would overcome hardships with the support of their fans.

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