SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol wins 100th game, the fewest in professional basketball history

Seoul SK head coach Jeon Hee-chul has made history by winning 100 games in the shortest amount of time in professional basketball.

The team snapped a five-game losing streak with an 84-72 league home victory over Jungkwanjang in 텍사스홀덤사이트 Seoul today (Oct. 10).

With the win, the former coach reached 100 wins in 147 games, breaking the previous record of Shin Shin-woo and Kang Dong-hee (151 games).

After retiring from SK in 2008, Jeon began his coaching career as the team’s second team coach and later served as power analysis coach, head of operations, and head coach before taking over as head coach in 2021.

He has since led the team to one overall title and one championship runner-up finish in the last two seasons.

SK will honor Jeon’s 100th win with a ceremony at the team’s home game against LG on May 15th.

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