SSG, 내부 FA 김민식과 2년 5억원에 계약

Despite the twists and turns, Kim Min-sik (34) is still playing spring training with the SSG Landers in the Korean Baseball Organization this year. The situation has changed quite a bit .Lee Jae-won (36) left for the Hanwha Eagles, but senior Lee Ji-young (37) donned the SSG uniform in a sign-and-trade, and Park Dae-on (28) and Shin Beom-soo (26) were selected by SSG in the second round of the draft. “There are three new catchers in the team, and we will try to compete in good faith, help each other, and make the team go in a better direction,” said Kim Min-sik at Incheon International Airport on May 30, the day SSG departed for Birovich, Florida, USA, where the team has set up spring camp.

In 2022, he was a key contributor to the team’s title run .After the 2023 season, he was eligible for free agency, but was unable to sign with SSG while the team acquired three catchers .Kim signed a two-year contract totaling 500 million won ($400 million in salary, $100 million in options), which was lower than what SSG initially offered. Despite the disappointment, Kim decided to focus on preparing for the season. “As a professional athlete, you have to prove yourself,” he said, “and I’ve always competed in good faith within the team. I’m determined to prove my competitiveness and survive (as the starting catcher) by preparing well in spring training.”

She also plans to fulfill her role as a guide for the ‘transfer students’ .At the airport, Lee Ji-young said to Kim Min-sik, “You are the only face I know. “Kim Min-sik said, “I often played against Lee Ji-young in college, and we even played together for the college national team.” “She’s a better catcher than me, and she has more experience. I just need to help her in terms of environment so that she can adapt to SSG quickly.” “I don’t know Park Dae-on yet, but I’ll get to know him quickly. I’ll be hanging on to the new catchers,” he laughed. The more good catchers you have, the better .If Kim Min-sik fulfills his goal and competes in good faith with the newly recruited catchers, SSG’s catcher worries will disappear .”We’re going to win the title in 2022, so last year’s performance (third place) looks shabby,” he said, “and 온라인카지노 this year we’ll finish the season in a higher place.”

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