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After completing his military service as a social service worker for two years, Cho Sang-woo (29), who returned to Kiwoom Heroes, appeared at Incheon Airport looking unrecognizably slimmer. Jo, who is participating in the team’s spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, for the first time in three years, met with reporters on the 29th and said, “I worked out hard while serving in the military. Even after I was discharged from the military, I didn’t stop working out,” he said, explaining, “I think I lost more than 15 kilograms.” Cho, who was one of the best relief pitchers in the league with a fastball that reached well over 150 kilometers per hour, began his military service as a social service worker after the 2021 season .He pitched in every game at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021, but the Korean baseball team did not win a medal, so he did not receive military service benefits .From early 2022 until late last year, Cho worked at a nursing home in Guro-gu, Seoul, and never stopped working out during his service.

“I worked hard during my service, and even after I was discharged, I didn’t stop exercising,” he said. “At first, I thought I would lose about 10 kilograms, but as I continued to exercise, I lost a little more. “He emphasized that his current weight is optimal for maintaining his performance as a pitcher, saying, “I think I can keep it at this level (during the season),” and showed a satisfied smile. Compared to batters, it’s easier for pitchers to get back to their best after a hiatus. They just need to throw hard pitches in the strike zone .After pitching relentlessly for eight seasons from 2013 through 2021, going 33-24 with a 3.11 ERA in 299 games, 82 saves and 45 holds, Cho took a two-year hiatus. “I think I’ll have to pick up the pace in camp,” he said, adding that his physical condition is more important than his feel for the game. “I’ve worked hard on my body, so I think I’ll be fine.” Cho also spent time in Miyazaki, Japan, this month for personal training to improve his pitching.

“I went to Japan and threw a lot of balls, so I think I’ll be able to come back (to the Arizona camp) and slowly ramp it up,” he said, adding, “I don’t have any worries. It’s time to pick up the pace. “Last year’s closer, Lim Chang-min, was transferred to the Samsung Lions, so it’s likely that Cho will take on his natural role as a fireman. “I think it would be good to be a closer,” Cho said, “but I have to show a good performance in camp. I’m going to do my best. “With the team’s lack of starting pitchers, some are cautiously raising the possibility of starting Cho .In the past, Cho has been a starting pitcher. However, he said, “If I want to start, I have to change my body first. I haven’t thought about it (starting) yet, and I think I’ll go to the middle or closer.” Cho will be eligible for free agency after next season. Like Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung Lions), who previously played for the St. Louis Cardinals in Major League Baseball (MLB), and Go Woo-seok, who pitched for the San Diego Padres this year, 슬롯사이트 he will be eligible for free agency.

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