Jang Jae-joong and Choi Man-ho, LG Korean Series Members

Jang Jae-joong and Choi Man-ho, LG Korean Series Members from 21 Years Ago, Must Prevent LG from Winning

Among the LG Twins players (40 players including manager, coach, and players) who are attempting to regain the top spot for the first time in 29 years in the professional baseball Korean Series (KS, 4 wins out of 7 games),

which begins on the 7th, there are 2002 Fall Baseball, LG’s most recent Korean Series.

No one participated.

Catcher Jang Jae-joong and outfielder Choi Man-ho, who were included in LG’s Korean Series roster in 2002,

are leaders of KT Wiz, which will clash with LG in this Korean Series. 카지노사이트위키

Battery coach Jang Jae-joong and base running coach Choi Man-ho, who played for LG to win the Korean Series 21 years ago,

faced the unfortunate fate of having to prevent LG from winning this time.

Coach Jang, whom we met at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul ahead of Game 1 of the Korean Series,

recalled that time, saying, “At the time, LG coach Jo In-seong wore a starting mask all the time in short games,

I received pitches from pitchers in the bullpen and checked their condition.”

Coach Choi also said, “I remember playing really hard as a defender and a pinch runner,”

“That year, LG ranked 4th and played many games, including the semi-playoffs, playoffs, and the Korean Series.

It was difficult, but we had fun playing big games because we were young. “He recalled.

LG ran an impressive race, but fell to two home runs by Samsung Lions Lee Seung-yeop and Ma Hae-young in Game 6 of the Korean Series, finishing in second place.

It took 21 years to return to the Korean Series stage.

Every LG player, fan, and club employee desperately hopes for their third championship in 29 years since 1994.

Winning doesn’t happen even if you pray earnestly.

The saying that heaven will determine the winning team did not just come out.

Coach Jang and Coach Choi said in unison, “KT has achieved its first goal of coming up from last place and advancing to the Korean Series, and will enjoy itself against LG,

but LG will feel severe pressure to win at all costs,” adding, “KT will feel the pressure of having to win at all costs.”

It is predicted that this will be the biggest variable that will determine success or failure.

He added, “As our team knows LG Twins well and prepared well,

I believe we have a good opportunity to win our second championship since 2021,”

and predicted that a tight match would unfold throughout the Korean Series.

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