Chuncheon City, the ‘headwaters of ice’, tries to host international skating rink to replace Taeheung

Chuncheon City, Gangwon Province, is challenging to host an international skating rink.Chuncheon City Mayor Yuk Dong-han held a press conference at the city hall briefing room on the morning of the 13th and said, “In line with the Korean Sports Council’s international skating rink project competition, we will take advantage of the city’s history as the home of ice skating.” Mayor Yuk emphasized that the city was the host of the 1934 ice skating competition organized by the Chunsung-gun (now Chuncheon City) Sports Association, the 1962 speed skating championship Wudugang ice skating competition, the 1971 winter ice skating competition at the 52nd National Sports Games, and the 1991 Winter Asian Games.

In fact, various competitions have been held since 1929, during the Japanese occupation, when the Soyanggang Skating Competition was held on an outdoor ice rink around what is now Gongjicheon Sculpture Park.From then on, until the construction of the Taereung International Skating Center in 1972, Chuncheon was considered the origin of ice skating in Korea.However, it disappeared in the 1990s when part of the surrounding area was reclaimed as a civic park.The skating rink will have one underground level and three floors (totaling 30,000 square meters) and will be entirely funded by the government (estimated at 200 billion won).In addition, transportation infrastructure such as trains and highways that travel from Seoul to Chuncheon in less than an hour are in place, and if the Chuncheon extension of the GTX-B 온라인카지노 section is confirmed, it will be accessible within 30 minutes.

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