Highest scorer after transfer “Playing exciting basketball like now and winning the championship”

After scoring the most points since joining Changwon LG and leading the team to three straight wins, forward Yang Hong-seok has his sights set on a championship.

Yang Hong-seok started the 2023-24 Korean Basketball Organization (KOB) regular season away game against Seoul Samsung at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium 카지노사이트 in Seoul at 7 p.m. on Friday, filling the stat sheet with 22 points, eight rebounds, three assists, one steal and one block in nearly 29 minutes of action to lead the team to a 95-82 victory. LG has now won three straight away from home.

Yang’s presence shone from the first quarter. LG’s “successful defense → fast break scoring” strategy during the winning streak was on full display. Spearheading the charge, Yang attacked the Samsung defense, scoring 12 points and grabbing five rebounds in the first quarter alone.

After taking a break in the second quarter, he added nine more points, including one three-pointer, in the final 15 minutes to finish with a career-high 22 points (previously 19). He also earned the postgame honors.

Yang Hong-seok joined LG from Suwon KT as a free agent last summer. After finishing second last season, LG bolstered its roster with the free agent in hopes of winning the title. With the team’s running game already in place from last season, Yang was a perfect fit.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Yang said, “I’m happy to get a good win. It’s a win that makes me feel like we’re getting closer to our goal (winning the championship).”

When the interviewer asked, “It seems like you have more synergy after joining LG,” Yang Hong-seok replied, “I think Coach Cho Sang-hyun takes the best care of me. He tells me, ‘Play easy basketball’. He seems to know me really well,” he laughed.

“I’m satisfied with our recent performance,” he continued, “and when we talk amongst ourselves, we say, ‘It’s too bad we lost three games in a row at the beginning of the season.’ Since then, we’ve been playing the kind of basketball we want to play. I think we’re playing really well right now.”

Meanwhile, coach Cho Sang-hyun commented on Yang Hong-seok’s performance after the game, saying that he “can improve,” to which Yang replied, “He often tells me that in training. I think I can do better in defense as well,” he said.

Thanks to Yang Hong-seok’s performance, LG recorded its 12th win of the season (5 L) and remained in second place. After wrapping up their three-game road trip with three straight wins, LG will return home to face Busan KCC and Suwon KT.

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