Figure skater Kim Yerim makes a bad landing…8th in Grand Prix Short

“Figure general” Kim Yerim (20-Dankook University) had a disappointing landing in her first Grand Prix competition of the season.

Kim finished eighth out of 11 competitors in the Cup of China short program at the fourth edition of the 2023-2024 International Ice Sports Federation (ISU) Senior Grand Prix on Tuesday in Chongqing, China, with a technical score (TES) of 26.64, an artistic score (PCS) of 32.92 and a total score of 59.56.

Kim attempted her first task, a triple lutz-triple toe-loop combination jump, but made a landing mistake on her lutz jump and was unable to land the following toe-loop jump.

The jump was ruled a downgrade (when a jump is missing more than 180 degrees of rotation), which reduced his base score to 2.10 points and his performance score (GOE) by 1.05 points.

Undaunted, Kim executed his second jump, a double axel, without a mistake and emphasized his grace with a sit spin (Level 3).

He executed his final jump task, a triple flip, with a toe loop, but due to stamina issues, he landed it as a double (two rotations) and did not add many points.

Kim finished her performance with a step sequence (level 2), a flying camel spin (level 4) and a change foot combination spin (level 3).

Kim will look to make amends in the free skate at the same venue on Nov. 11.

Luna Hendricks (BEL) took first place in the short program with a score of 70.65 points.

In the men’s single short program on the same day, Lee Si-hyung (Korea University) scored 38.66 points on the TES, 35.77 points on the PCS and 74.43 points overall to finish ninth out of 12 competitors.

He lost 2.17 GOE points for a shaky landing on his first task, a quadruple toe-loop, and 2.61 GOE points for landing on two feet on his final jump, a triple lutz-triple toe-loop combination.

First place went to Japan’s Shoma Uno with 105.25 points. 파워볼사이트

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