will Yeom Gal-ryang put the disciple of affection into the ‘KS entry’?

FA Samsusang’s third challenge, will Yeom Gal-ryang put the disciple of affection into the ‘KS entry’?

LG began training camp for the Korean Series (KS) at LG Champions Park in Icheon on the 19th. The schedule is two days of training and one day of rest.

Seo Gun-chang (34), who has spent more time with the second team this season, is also on the roster. Seo, who was used as a substitute at the end of the season, could earn a spot on the roster.

Seo joined LG in the middle of the 2021 season in a one-for-one trade for Chung Chan-heon. LG traded a starting pitcher to secure a second baseman. However, Seo failed to live up to expectations in the 2021 season, batting just 2-for-47 (58 RBI in 235 at-bats) with 24 runs scored in 68 games.

He was eligible for free agency after the season, but opted not to sign. However, he continued to struggle in the 2022 season due to poor performance and injuries. He appeared in just 77 games and batted just 2-for-2 with 49 runs scored in 219 at-bats.

When Yim Kyung-yeop took over as LG’s manager last fall, Seo reunited with Yim after their priestly relationship at Nexen. In 2014, when Yeom led Nexen, Seo became the first player in the league to reach 200 hits (201) and was named the regular season MVP.

Knowing Seo better than anyone, Yeom was hopeful for a resurgence. In the offseason, they discussed his past hitting form and how he could break out of his slump.

Seo seemed to make a breakthrough in the exhibition games, batting first with a 3-for-6.2 RBI. He batted second in the leadoff spot. However, the offense didn’t rebound as Seo dropped to the bottom of the batting order, batting just 1-for-2 in the first three games of the season (2-for-16).

Seo was removed from the first team roster in mid-May. He hit just 2-for-7 (18-for-87) and straddled the Mendoza line, 먹튀검증 while also committing the most errors at second base (nine) in the league.

Seo didn’t make the first team for more than three months in the second division. In mid-June, Seo suffered a nagging back injury, and in his absence, Shin Min-jae emerged as a surprise star at second base.

After starting the season as a pinch-hitter, Shin showed good form in hitting and defense, as well as stealing bases, to earn the starting second base job. The backup was veteran Kim Min-sung. Seo’s spot is gone.

Seo returned to the first team in the September expansion roster. Since his return, he’s mostly played as a pinch-hitter, but has struggled since September, batting just 1-for-7 with four RBIs in 23 games. He finished the season with a .542 OPS with 22 hits in 110 at-bats.

Shin Min-jae and Kim Min-sung are available at second base, and Jung Ju-hyun and Son Ho-young are available in the outfield. If the roster goes to 16 or 17 players, Seo could slide into the last spot.

Meanwhile, LG will play its first blue-black game at Icheon LG Champions Park on the 23rd. It’s a chance to get a feel for the team before finalizing the roster.

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