Park Hye-jin, Taekwondo Women’s 53kg Gold Medal

[Asian Games] Park Hye-jin, Taekwondo Women’s 53kg Gold Medal… Normalized After Overcoming 13cm Height Difference

The Park Hye-jin (Goyang City Hall) overcame a 13cm height difference and became Korea’s second gold medalist in the Taekwondo sparring event at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Hye-jin Park

Park Hye-jin defeated Taiwan’s Lin Wei-jun with a round score of 2-1 (7-6 7-9 12-9) in the women’s 53 kg finals held at the Lin’an Sports and Culture Exhibition Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the afternoon of the 26th to become the top Asian champion. 온라인카지노

Its Park Hye-jin, who won the first round with a score of 7-6,

seemed to have won the match with a score of 7-4 14 seconds before the end of the second round.

However, she allowed her opponent to attack the body twice and was even deducted, dropping the second round 7-9.

She advanced to the third round, and Park Hye-jin took a 10-6 lead 15 seconds before the end of the match.

Lin Wei-jun

Although he was deducted 7 seconds before the end, he succeeded with a body attack 2 seconds later, putting a wedge in the tight game.

Although points were deducted twice just before the end, the gap was still too large for Lin Weijun to overturn the victory.

Lin Weijun’s height was 180cm, and the difference between him and Park Hyejin (167cm) was 13cm.

Park Hye-jin also won the semifinals after a close battle.

The round score was 2-0, but the scores were tight at 0-0 and 1-1, respectively.

In the event of a tie, Hyejin Park was able to win both rounds against Thailand’s Chutikhan Jongkolatanawatana in accordance with the rules that determine the winner by counting rotation techniques, head and body attack attempts, etc.

This is the first time that Park Hye-jin has stood on top of the podium at a large international competition.

Park Hee-jin competed in the 2022 World Taekwondo Championships held by the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) in November last year, but she was knocked out in the quarterfinals.

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