Ha-yoon Kim, Gold Medal in Women’s Over 78kg Class

[Asian Games] Korea’s First ‘Gold’ in Judo… Ha-yoon Kim, Gold Medal in Women’s Over 78kg Class

Against a Chinese player, they left behind one-sided cheering and won half the game by kicking a field leg.

Ha-yoon Kim (Ansan City Hall), the top female heavyweight on the judo team,

won the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Kim Ha-yoon

Ha-yoon Kim won the women’s over 78 kg judo finals held at the Xiaoshan Linfu Gymnasium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, on the 26th,

defeating Xu Shi-yan (China) in half with a field leg throw.

This is the first time that Korean Judo has won a gold medal in this competition. 카지노

Ha-yoon Kim calmly played the game, ignoring the one-sided cheering from the home crowd that filled her stands.

He successfully caught the opponent off guard 43 seconds after the game started.

He nimbly grabbed the opponent’s collar and then used his specialty leg technique to get half of the field kick.

Asian Games

Ha-yoon Kim, who went ahead, continued the game calmly.

Ha-yun Kim, who each received a foul at 1 minute and 24 seconds into the game,

did not waver and continued to put pressure on her opponent.

Kim Ha-yoon, who was fighting to catch,

took control of the game by attempting her specialty, the leg-hanging technique.

Ha-yoon Kim held on by blocking the opponent’s press attempt at the end of the game,

ultimately ended the game as is.

Until today’s game, Korea had not won a single gold medal in the judo event at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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