The president of Juventus, Italy’s most prestigious professional soccer team, is facing calls for his resignation over sexist comments .According to the ANSA news agency on Nov. 19, Cristiano Giuntoli made the offending remarks at a sporting event in the northern Italian city of Trento on Nov. 15.When a journalist asked him how he assesses a player’s talent before entering into negotiations, Zuntoli replied, “It’s not like signing a girl.

“Signing a player is like getting a girlfriend,” he said, “you think you like her, so you take her out to dinner, but when you get her home, you realize she’s no good: she doesn’t cook, she doesn’t do the laundry, she doesn’t iron. “Signing the wrong player is akin to being disappointed when you find out she doesn’t do her chores.

Juntoli’s remarks drew laughter from the audience but sparked controversy after the video went viral on social media. Mauro Berutto, a politician from the center-left Democratic Party (PD), called for 슬롯 “Juventus to take a stand on the coach’s comments.”

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