Its basketball Heo Hoon We Brought this on Ourselves

Heo Hoon (executive director), a key guard of the men’s basketball team who was completely defeated by China in the quarterfinals of the Hangzhou Asian Games, expressed regret, saying, “We brought this upon ourselves.”

This refers to the difficult situation in which the team suffered a ‘shock loss’ in the group stage match against Japan, which was evaluated as one level below. 카지노사이트랭크

The Korean national team, led by coach Chu Il-seung, lost 70-84 to the host country, China, in the men’s basketball quarterfinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium in Zhejiang, China, on the 3rd.

Korea, which claimed to be the leader in Asia, fell in the quarterfinals for the first time since the 2006 Doha Asian Games.

At the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Asia Cup held in July last year, they were completely defeated by China, who had beaten them by 12 points, at one point by 23 points, and lost face.

Heo Hoon, who met with reporters in the joint reporting area after the game, said, “We should have finished well as we brought it on ourselves.

That’s a shame.”

He added, “The opponent was very good in height and technique. I think our players need to work harder and improve.

He said.

They also expressed disappointment over the fact that the country’s top forwards, who boast their height and mobility, did not join due to injuries or concentration on their teams.

Heo Hoon said, “It is the coach’s role to select players, but it was very chaotic among the players,” and “Because there were six guards, the atmosphere itself was like that.

I don’t think it’s my place to get involved in such issues within the national team.” He said.

Yang Hong-seok (LG), who did his best with 13 points and 5 rebounds on this day, said, “The Asian Games is not a small tournament.

It is the biggest tournament for us.” He expressed regret, saying, “I had motivation (to play hard).”

He added, “I had pride in being a member of the national team.

I also know that if I lose today’s game, I will fail, so I am very disappointed about that.”

The national team lost 77-83 in the group stage match against Japan on the 30th of last month, failing to advance directly to the quarterfinals.

After playing Bahrain in the deciding match for the quarterfinalists the previous afternoon, they were matched up against the host country, China, 14 hours later, and were ultimately defeated due to their physical inferiority.

In response to this, Yang Hong-seok said, “That part is very disappointing,” and added, “Our goal was to win.

We thought we would win no matter if we met China or Japan.”

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