Lee Young-pyo’s “Asian Games soccer final will be between Korea and Japan” prediction Will it work again?

KBS Sports YouTube

“The final will be a Korean-Japanese match,” predicts KBS soccer commentator

Lee Young-pyo of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

In a behind-the-scenes video on KBS Sports YouTube, he thrilled soccer fans by

predicting a “3-0” score for South Korea’s third group game against Bahrain,

showing off his pinpoint accuracy. He also made a “tweezer prediction” for the

third game between North Korea and Indonesia in Group F, saying, “I don’t think

North Korea will lose to Indonesia.” In fact, North Korea beat Indonesia 1-0 to top

the group and win the 16th place match. In fact, North Korea defeated Indonesia

1-0 to top the group and advance to the round of 16.

On the 26th, Lee Young-pyo also voiced his concerns, predicting China as South

Korea’s quarterfinal opponent. “The atmosphere in China is quite good right now.

One thing I’m worried about is that China is at home and they don’t have a VAR

(video assistant referee). If we meet them in the quarterfinals, we’ll have to

completely dominate them, because even if there’s an incorrect call, we can only

let it go. It has the potential to be a very difficult match.”

The duo went on to say, “Coming to China, the technology is incredible. I was

surprised to see a system where you don’t have to use cash and everything is

done with a cell phone,” and expressed their disappointment with China’s lack of

VAR at the Asian Games. “In a match against China, you can’t give the referee any

room to intervene. I will support the national soccer team to defeat the opponent

cleanly and go up without controversy,” he said.

Lee also predicted Saudi Arabia as Korea’s quarterfinal opponent. “I think

Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia will play in the quarterfinals. Uzbekistan has been

very strong in the recent Asian Games, and Saudi Arabia is a traditional

powerhouse. If I had to choose, I think Saudi Arabia will win.”

Caster Nam Hyun-jong

Cautiously mentioned, “So, you meet Saudi Arabia and beat them, and in the

final…you’re the one?” “Honestly, what’s the point of predicting something that

has no chance of being correct?” said Lee Young-pyo, looking embarrassed and

uncharacteristically ‘tweezers’. Along with Nam Hyun-jong’s comment, “It’s fun

when there’s actually a Korea-Japan match in the final, right?”, Lee Young-pyo

raised the anticipation with his predictions for the quarterfinal match between

Iran and Japan and the final match between South Korea and Japan. 스포츠토토링크

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