The SSG Landers of the Korean Baseball Organization have been struggling with pitching lately .Especially the bullpen. SSG’s bullpen ERA since August is 5.94 through 13 days, the worst among the 10 clubs .After being in second place until 18 August, SSG began a steep decline that has left them with no guarantee of making it to autumn baseball .After 13 days, SSG is in fourth place with 62 wins, 55 losses, two ties, and a .530 winning percentage. They are half a game behind the fifth-place KIA Tigers and two games behind the sixth-place Doosan Bears. SSG is hanging on by literally squeezing every last drop of power out of the tank .At the centre of it all are senior bullpens Noh Kyung-eun (39) and Ko Hyo-joon (40).Both in their 40s, or “Korean age” according to the traditional calculation system, they are the last hope for SSG’s crumbling bullpen .Despite his age, Noh is in the best shape of the bullpen .In six appearances since September, he has pitched 6⅓ innings and allowed just one run. His ERA in that span is 1.42.He also threw 2⅓ innings in a home game against the KT Wiz on 9 September. The best pitcher, Ko Hyo-jun, has also been outstanding, throwing five consecutive scoreless innings since the 5th of this month against the Hanwha Eagles .He has been dominating batters, striking out nine of his 14 batters in that span .Manager Kim Won-hyung feels both grateful and sorry for the two players every time he sees them.”I feel a lot of things when I look at them,” he said ahead of the 2023 Baseball World Series game against the Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Thursday. “They moved to SSG side by side last season and have been throwing the ball with all their might. I think they have a special heart for the team.” “They always stayed after the game to train,” he added, “and I think the younger 스포츠토토 players will learn a lot from them.”

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