A complete defeat in Kazakhstan Korean women’s volleyball finishes in 6th place at Asian Championships worst ever

The Korean women’s volleyball team was completely defeated by Kazakhstan

ranked 39th in the world, and finished in 6th place, the lowest ever in the Asian Championships.

The Korean women’s volleyball team (ranked 29th in the world), led by coach Cesar Hernández González

defeated Kazakhstan with a set score of 0-3 (24 -26, 23-25, 23-25) suffered a complete defeat.

In this tournament

Korea was defeated by Vietnam (40th place) in the preliminaries and advanced to the quarterfinals at second place in Group C.

In the quarterfinals

Korea was completely defeated by Thailand (14th place) and fell to the 5th-8th place match.

They defeated India and advanced to the 5th place match

but lost the last game and ended the tournament in 6th place.

Since Korea first participated in the Asian Championships in 1975, it has successfully advanced to the semifinals 20 times in a row. 

Although he never won the championship 토토사이트

he maintained his pride by finishing in second place seven times

third place ten times, and fourth place three times. However, in this tournament, they only ranked 6th

confirming the harsh reality that they cannot be confident of even reaching the Asian semifinals.

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