“Who’s retiring?”…Scotland offered! Last chance? Celtic or Rangers

Recently, rumors of Eden Hazard’s retirement spread quickly.

He was one of the best players in the world at Chelsea in the English Premier League, but he crashed and burned in a Real Madrid shirt.

Azar joined Real Madrid in 2019 for a transfer fee of £88 million ($144.5 billion). His weekly wage was £470,000 ($770,000), the highest in the team.

But he didn’t get his money’s worth. His career took a nosedive after his move to Real Madrid. Injuries and controversy over his weight turned him into a fringe player. It was even revealed that he wasn’t speaking to Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti. He couldn”t take it anymore and was released at the end of last season.

In total, Azar finished his Real Madrid career with 54 league appearances and four goals in four seasons. The stigma of ‘worst bet’ hasn’t gone away.

Since then, Azar has received offers from several teams. There were offers from England, Spain, France, Belgium, and Saudi Arabia, as well as Lionel Messi’s American club Inter Miami. But Azhar turned them down. He hadn’t found the right team for him.

That doesn’t mean he’s done 스포츠토토 playing. The European transfer market is still open, and there’s still a chance he could find a new team.

In this situation, Scotland made an offer to Azhar. It could be the last chance he ever gets. Azar’s choice is being closely watched.

“Azar could retire if he doesn’t find a new team in the next few weeks,” said Spain’s ‘As’. In the meantime, Azar has received an offer from Scotland. The specific team was not revealed. Sources say it’s likely to be either Celtic or Rangers. There is a possibility that Azar will accept the offer,” the report said.

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