Korea’s first anti-shake ‘GolfBuddy Aim L30’ launched

Golf Zone Decca, a golf rangefinder specialist, announced today that it has officially launched GolfBuddy aim L30 Stabilized, the first rangefinder with optical anti-shake technology in Korea.

The GolfBuddy aim L30 Stabilized is the first rangefinder brand in Korea to apply a unique anti-shake technology called Stay Calm Technology (SCT), which is one of the optical image stabilization (OIS) technologies, enabling stable target capture even in strong shaking.

It also features a design that fits snugly in your hand and the latest GolfBirdie features, including ZST+, to deliver the highest level of rangefinding performance on the field.

SCT is GolfBuddy’s unique lens-driven image stabilization technology, and when a gyro sensor mounted on the Aim L30 Stabilized’s optics detects the rangefinder’s shake, a small motor in the rangefinder’s lens is driven to compensate for the shake.

Previous anti-shake rangefinder products on the market use a fixed frequency method, which has the disadvantage of slowing down the detection of large changes in the rangefinder, but GolfBuddy uses a variable frequency method rather than a fixed frequency method to recognize the target, so it has the advantage of quickly and accurately compensating for various vibrations such as small or strong shaking.

The GolfBuddy Aim L30 Stabilized rangefinder has a green and red two-color OLED viewfinder with a high contrast ratio and a clear, sharp view, making it easy to use in day and night environments. It also features ZST+ (Zero Second Technology+), an ultra-fast rangefinding technology that enables distance measurement in 0.15 seconds and a more precise measurement unit of 10 cm.

With a minimum measuring distance of 2 meters, it can measure short putts as well as capture targets up to 900 meters away. In addition, the Pin Finder function is automatically activated 토토사이트 by simply pressing and holding the measurement button to accurately measure the distance to the pin, even if there are obstacles around the target and pin.

A vibration alert lets you know when you’ve hit the target, and it’s IPX4 water-resistant so you can play in cloudy weather without worry. With a simple button switch (ON, OFF), the slope function can be applied to calculate the slope and distance to the point you want to measure, and the calibrated distance can be displayed to help you navigate the course.

“The GolfBuddy Aim L30 Stabilized is the ultimate golf rangefinder with Korea’s first optical image stabilization technology and premium design and features,” said Joo-myung Jung, CEO of Golf Zone Decca. “Golf Zone Decca will continue to introduce innovative products and set new standards for golf rangefinders through continuous research and development and investment in advanced technology.”

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