Professional basketball team KCC announced its move to Busan, making it the first team to officially move twice.The team, which was based in Daejeon during the time of its predecessor, the Hyundai Gullivers, was acquired by KCC in 2001 and promised a new beginning.However, 22 years later, the team had friction with the city of Jeonju over a number of issues, including a new gymnasium, and eventually decided to move to Busan on the 30th.In fact, more teams have moved than stayed in the KBL.Since 1997, the first year of professional basketball, only Wonju DB, Changwon LG, and Anyang Jungkwanjang (formerly KGC Ginseng Corporation) have stayed in the same place.With the exception of Goyang Sono, a new team that broke away from its Orion-Day One roots, the other six teams have all been in Chungden at one time or another.Suwon KT originally started out in Gwangju. After competing in its first year of professional basketball in 1997 as the Gwangju Nasan, the team moved to Yeosu in 2000 when it was acquired by Goldbank.It moved to Busan again in 2003, when it was a Korea Tender. After playing at Geumjeong Gymnasium, the team was acquired by KTF (now KT) due to its parent company’s business difficulties, and in 2006, the team changed its stadium to Sajik Gymnasium, which seemed to be going well.However, the city of Busan and the club were unable to resolve the issue of a practice stadium.In June 2017, the KBL announced a nexus settlement system, allowing the teams to keep their practice and home stadiums in the same area until the 2023-2024 season.KT’s practice facility is located in Suwon, so the team was forced to find a new location in Busan, but after friction with the local government, the team decided to move to Suwon in 2021.The move came after 18 years in Busan, which shocked local fans. Similarly, the Orions’ move to Goyang is a representative example of a relocation that left fans with regrets.The Orions, who had been playing in Daegu since the beginning of professional basketball, suddenly traveled to Goyang for a game in 2011.At the time, the team said, “We thought it was the right time to move because our performance was too bad for three or four years and Goyang City wanted to attract us,” but fans in Daegu and the region reacted strongly.The city’s response was harsh, calling it a betrayal and a breach of trust.The team was renamed ‘Orion’ and operated until 2022.The team was then acquired by Day One Asset Management, a company with an unconventional management style that claimed to be a specialized management entity called Day One Sports.Day One was expelled from the professional basketball league in June after financial difficulties and wage arrears, and the players, who had nowhere to go, were acquired by the new Sono International.The rest of the teams have also changed hands at one time or another.Seoul Samsung and Seoul SK both left Suwon, Gyeonggi-do and Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do in 2001 to settle in Seoul.Ulsan Hyundai Mobis was also originally located in Busan.The team also moved to Ulsan in 2001, during the Kia Enterprise era.With KCC’s move, Busan became the first city to have three professional basketball 카지노사이트킹 teams.

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