Jeonju City, Jeonbuk Province, issued a statement on the 30th regarding the relocation of professional basketball team KCC Aegis, stating that it “deeply regrets the hasty and unilateral decision.””KCC leaked the relocation rumors through the media and did not express any position to the city of Jeonju and its fans during the KBL board meeting,” the city said.”KCC did not even notify, let alone consult with, Jeonju regarding the relocation,” said Jeonju City. “The time spent with citizens and fans was not on the minds of KCC, who pushed for the relocation in search of short-term benefits.””The demolition of KCC’s current home stadium, Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium, has been postponed until 2026, and the team has clearly stated that it plans to complete the new home stadium and auxiliary stadium to be built in the Complex Sports Town by 2026,” he said, adding, “Despite having the conditions to fully settle in Jeonju, the team unilaterally pushed for the relocation as if it were a scripted move.””This can only be seen as a mockery of the city of Jeonju, its citizens, and KCC basketball fans,” said Jeonju City, pointing out that KCC’s promises to fully settle in the city and contribute to the community, such as activating a youth club, have been abandoned.”We bow our heads and apologize to the citizens and fans who were affected by KCC’s decision to relocate,” Jeon said, adding, “We will do our best to fill the void by attracting professional sports teams and industrialize sports.”Earlier in the day, the KBL held a board meeting and approved a proposal to change KCC’s home city from Jeonju to 스포츠토토링크 Busan.

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