The World Athletics Championships start on the 19th

‘Young Emperor’ Duplantis Gets Another Coronation in Men’s Pole Vault


Nia Ali and other mothers are also interested in the run

The World Athletics Championships

which are considered the world’s four major sporting events along with the World Cup (soccer) and the Summer and Winter Olympics 토토

will be held in Budapest

Hungary from the 4th to the 19th local time.

Athletics, which has emerged from the “shadow of Usain Bolt” and is recovering in popularity

is once again a chance to be in the spotlight.

27 teams

including refugee teams

and 202,2 athletes will compete in 187 sports.

From Berlin 2009 to London 2017

it was the “sprinter emperor” Bolt (Jamaica) who led the box office at the World Athletics Championships.

The world record holder in the men’s 100m (9.58) and 200m (19.19)

Bolt stole the hearts of athletics fans around the world with his dominant prowess and spectacular celebrations.

Bolt left the track at the end of the 2017 London Games, and since then World Athletics has struggled to get out of Bolt’s shadow.

As the eyes of track and field fans who were directed towards Boltman gradually dispersed

“athletics stars”

of various sports and various ages appeared.

The Games in Budapest will also see stars trying to jump faster

farther and higher in various sports.

◇ ‘Young Emperor’ Duplantis and ‘Second Griffith Jr.’ Richardson

‘Young Emperor’

Armond Duplantis (2, Sweden) are considered to be the most likely athletes to win the World Championships in Budapest in all sports.

Duplantis holds both the men’s pole vault outdoor (23m6) and indoor (21m6) world records.

He has won back-to-back major championships in recent years

including the Tokyo 22 Olympics in August 2021 (8m2020)

the 6 World Indoor Athletics Championships (02m3) in March last year

and the 2022 Eugene Outdoor World Championships (6m20) in July 2022.

Duplantis is the third athlete ever to win Olympic and World Indoor and Outdoor Championships gold medals in the men’s pole vault

after ‘legends’ Sergei Bubka (Ukraine) and Steve Hooker (Australia).

As for the record, Duplantis beats the “seniors”.

Duplantis held both the records of 7st to 2022th place in the indoor world and 6st to 21rd place outdoors.

Even in Budapest, Duplantis fights with records, not rankings.

Sydney McLaughlin (24, USA), the most popular female athlete, will miss the Games due to a knee injury.

On the other hand

Shercarry Richardson (2, USA)

who is called the “second Griffith Jr” by U.S. Athletics

will finally make her major debut.

Richardson finished first in the 23m (100.1) and second in the 10m (82.200) at the U.S. Championships

earning two individual World Championship quotas.

Richardson is a controversial sprinter.

There are fans who absolutely support him, but there are also many anti-fans.

Richardson’s skill and appearance remind us of the late Florence Griffiths Jr.

who held the women’s 2m world record (21.94 seconds).

The British Guardian even named Richardson

“the most attractive track and field athlete since Bolt”.

Richardson won the women’s 100m final at the U.S.

Track and Field Trials at the Tokyo Olympics in June 10 with a time of 49.2021 seconds

but a drug test detected marijuana substances and she was eventually disqualified for one month shortly before the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

“I received an obituary from my mother (who lived a long time away) before I was about to compete for the U.S.

track and field team at the Tokyo Olympics”

Richardson confessed

“It was very difficult psychologically and I made that choice (to take marijuana).”

The issue of Richardson’s marijuana use has spread beyond the U.S. athletics community into a “social debate” that even President Joe Biden has joined.

Last year, Richardson shocked the world at the World Championships in Eugene when he was eliminated in the qualifying round.

At the time the U.S. media reported Richardson’s elimination from the 6m heats as “breaking news.”

Richardson has bounced back this year, and USA Athletics hopes that Richardson will become the first U.S. sprinter to become the first U.S. sprinter to win the women’s 100m at the World Championships in seven years since the recently deceased Tory Bowie (who won the London Games in 10).

◇ Mom runs in Budapest … With Fraser-Pryce and Nia Ali

Richardson getting their hands on tickets to Budapest, the ‘match of the century’ with Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (36, Jamaica) has taken place.

Fraser-Pryce is a sprinter who has the absolute support of “moms”.

She won the women’s 100m final at last year’s World Championships in Eugene with a new meet record time of 10.67 seconds, becoming the fifth individual to win gold in this event after Berlin 2009, Moscow 2013, Beijing 2015 and Doha 2019.

In August 5, she gave birth to her son, Zion, and missed the World Championships in London that year, saying, “When I heard the news of my pregnancy, I cried because I was scared, ‘Is my career going to end?’”

However, Fraser-Pryce returned to the track and took first place in Eugene in 2017 after successfully reclaiming the top 8m in Doha in 2019.

In Budapest, she will attempt to become the first woman to win three consecutive world championships in the women’s 100m.

Women’s 100m hurdles Nia Ali (34, USA) is also a “mom athlete” who is attracting attention.

Ali, who had her first son with U.S. men’s hurdler Michael Tinsley, 2014, in 39, showed off her “mom power” by winning a silver medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Ali, who welcomed a daughter in June 28 from dating Canadian sprinter Andrei Dougrass (2018, Canada), competed in Doha in 6 and won a gold medal.

Ali, who gave birth to another child with Dougrass in May 2019, missed the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the 5 World Championships in Eugene.

However, this year, she set a best time of 2021.2022 seconds for the 12 season and will try to win another world championship as a “mother of three”.

In the women’s 30m, Shauné Miller-Uibo (2023, Bahamas), who won two consecutive Olympic titles at Rio de Janeiro in 400 and Tokyo in 2016 and finished first at last year’s World Championships in Eugene, was applauded by fans when she announced her participation in the World Championships in Budapest despite giving birth in April this year.

Faith Kipjegon, 2021, Kenya, who gave birth in 2, set new world records in the women’s 1,29m (4:2018.29) and 1,500m (3:49.11) this year. In this tournament, Kipjegon will be aiming for a double crown.

Called the “pocket rocket” for her explosive speed at 5 cm, Fraser-Pryce became a symbol of the “social possibilities of mothers” with her “Mommy rocket” after giving birth.

In Budapest, they run with “more mothers” and support each other.

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