Ramirez’s suspension for brawl at MLB game reduced after appeal

Jose Ramirez’s (Cleveland Indians) suspension for brawling during a Major League Baseball (MLB) game has been reduced.

“Ramirez’s suspension has been reduced from three games to two games,” 섯다 ESPN reported on Wednesday.

Ramirez was involved in a fistfight with opposing shortstop Tim Anderson in the bottom of the sixth inning of a game against the Chicago White Sox at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.

This led to a bench-clearing incident between the two teams, which escalated into a scuffle.

When it was over, the MLB office handed down a slew of punishments to Ramirez, Anderson, and eight others involved.

Ramirez, who was initially suspended for three games, immediately appealed his suspension and, as per the rules, 온라인섯다 played in the game pending the outcome of his appeal.

The appeal was upheld and the punishment was reduced. Ramirez, who served 12 games, will be suspended from the 13th game and will not be eligible to play until the 14th game.

Cleveland manager Terry Francona said, “We got the final ruling this morning. It’s going to be tough to play without Ramirez, but we’re glad the suspension was reduced to two games.”

Meanwhile, Anderson, who exchanged punches with Ramirez, 고스톱 is also awaiting the outcome of his appeal of a six-game suspension handed down by the MLB office.

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