If you Don’t go Sell Players Exclude Prospects, and Lay off Employees en Mass

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where Lee Kang-in plays, has put pressure on Kylian Mbappe (25)

who is refusing to transfer this summer, with a letter appealing to his emotions.

France’s L’Equipe reported on the 11th (Korean time) that PSG sent an email to Mbappe describing his financial situation if he stayed at the club to leave as a free agent.

The email outlined how Mbappe would recoup the financial losses to the club if he left for the FA.

“You have to sell players and you don’t get young players into the first team.

And we need to lay off the staff at the club en masse.”

It’s a kind of emotional pressure.

In this letter, PSG is emphasising that Mbappe will have to choose between two options.

Either re-sign this summer or leave the team.

It was a reminder that leaving for the FA could never happen.

Mbappe was recently informed by PSG that he has been left out of the first-team plans.

It was PSG who showed their willingness to leave Mbappe unattended for the entire season if he refused to renew his contract and left the club as a free agent next summer.

Mbappe is contracted to PSG until June next year.

Mbappe, who has the option to trigger a one-year extension, but abruptly announced in June that he would remain at the club without a contract extension.

He has announced that he will leave the club as a free agent next summer.

PSG then tried to persuade Mbappe.

He offered a 1-year, €2 billion contract, but offered a carrot that would allow him to move next summer if he renewed his contract

But Mbappe’s attitude was unwavering.

PSG have left Mbappe out of their roster for their Asian tour.

At the same time, PSG immediately pushed for a transfer for Mbappe. Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) offered Mbappe an annual salary of €3 million, along with €7 million, the highest transfer fee ever.

This included a clause that allowed him to leave for Real Madrid after one year.

PSG reached an agreement with Al Hilal right away.

Still, Mbappe was adamant. 바카라사이트

Mbappe has refused to be contacted by Al Hilal officials.

In the end, PSG believes that Mbappe has agreed an agreement with Real Madrid to move next year.

That’s why they gave up on re-signing Mbappe and seem to have gone all-in on the transfer push.

Local media believe that PSG and Mbappe have crossed the river of no return.

It is believed that the hostile confrontation will continue for some time.

Mbappe recently reaffirmed that he will remain with PSG for one year without renewing his contract, confirming that there will be no change in his mind.

In the midst of this, it remains to be seen whether the letter from PSG will touch Mbappe’s heart.

PSG will not send Mbappe to training or playing for the entire year if he ends up staying in the team.

Mbappe seems to be prepared for this as well.

How the Mbappe saga will end is one of the biggest concerns in the transfer market this summer.

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