Even Park Tae-hwan couldn’t do it Hwang Sun-woo wins back-to-back World Championship medals?

The future of Korean swimming, Hwang Sun-woo, is headed to the World Championships in Japan

He will compete in the 200-meter freestyle tomorrow to determine whether he can win a second consecutive medal at the world championships, a feat not even Park Tae-hwan could accomplish. ‘Marine Boy’ Park Tae-hwan won the first Olympic gold medal in Korean swimming history. Hwang Sun-woo will cut through the water to win back-to-back medals at the World Aquatics Championships. At the 2023 World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka, Japan, Hwang will be competing in his main event, the 200-meter freestyle. Hwang won a silver medal in the 200m freestyle at the 2022 World Championships in Hungary last June, behind Romania’s David Popovic. It was the first time in 11 years that a South Korean athlete had won a 카지노사이트 medal in the event since Park Tae-hwan’s 400m gold in 2011. This time around, Hwang is focusing on the 200-meter freestyle. “In the 200 meters, I have the idea that I have to be on the podium.” In the past year, the competition has only grown. Popovic broke the 1:42 barrier at the European Championships in August last year, while China’s Fan Zhanler clocked 1:44.65 in May this year. Britain’s Matthew Richards and Thomas Dean and Japan’s Katsuhiro Matsumoto are also among the contenders. The strongest competitor is undoubtedly Popovich. “I’m in the position of catching up, so if I don’t put any pressure on myself and keep reducing my time, I’ll be able to close the gap.” As of this year, Hwang has the best record. Hwang’s best time this year is 1:44.61 and Popovich’s is 1:45.49. The 200-meter freestyle starts tomorrow morning with preliminaries and finals the following evening. If he gains confidence in the main event, the remaining 100 meters and the men’s 800 meters freestyle relay will also be worth watching.

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