Ryu Hyun-jin’s second actual appearance also ‘passed’… return countdown

Ryu Hyun-jin ‘passes’ in his second appearance in the game…Reversion countdown

Toronto’s Ryu Hyun-jin pitched four scoreless innings in his Minor League appearance.

The possibility of returning to the big leagues this month is increasing.

Pittsburgh’s Choi Ji-man, who returned from injury, hit a home run.

Ryu Hyun-jin made his second appearance against the minor league single-A team.

He pitched 37 pitches in four innings and pitched three hits and no walks.

The maximum speed was 142 kilometers, and 27 out of 37 balls scored strikes, showing off their sophisticated control.

After playing three innings in the Rookie League game five days ago, he showed stable performance in two actual games, and the time to return to the big league seems to be approaching.

Local media predict that Ryu Hyun-jin will take the Major League mound around the end of July after increasing the number of pitches through two more minor league appearances.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who underwent ligament surgery on his left elbow in June last year, is taking the mound as the last step before returning to the big leagues after pitching in the bullpen and live pitching.

Pittsburgh’s Choi Ji-man’s bat, which returned from injury, turns vigorously.

A come-from-behind two-run shot that easily crosses the middle fence. It is the first home run in three months since the match against Houston on April 12.

Choi Ji-man also hit a double in the ninth inning when his team was keeping a slim ice lead by one point, paving the way for additional points.

With Choi Ji-man’s “multi-hit” performance, Pittsburgh beat Arizona 4-2.

Kim Ha-sung, who started as the first batter in the first inning, hits the breaking ball of veteran Scherzer.

Machado’s three-run home run then steps home.

Kim Ha-sung, who hit a left-handed hit again in the sixth inning and recorded a multi-hit in eight games, ended the first half by raising his season’s batting average to 0.258.


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