Lee Kang-in and Neymar smile and hug… Kim Min-jae transfer announcement imminent

Lee Kang-in and Neymar smile and hug… 

Kang-in of Paris Saint-Germain is quickly integrating into the team.

This time, the scene of sharing a hug with a bright expression while training with superstar and teammate Neymar was also captured.

Lee Kang-in is concentrating on team training every day to impress PSG’s new coach Luis Enrique.

Brazilian ace and teammate Neymar, who was invisible on the pitch during the last training session, was also present this time.

Lee Kang-in’s expression, which was always serious, brightened as he watched Neymar’s swift movements.

The two players hugged and burst into laughter during training, as if they had known each other for a long time.

Lee Kang-in’s goal of deciding to go to PSG to grow with the world’s best players is gradually coming into reality.

<Lee Kang-in / PSG midfielder> “I think I can do better and help the team if I play with such good players…”

With the prospect that Kim Min-jae’s trip to Germany will be confirmed this week, Bayern Munich’s manager also made the joining of the team virtually official.

At a press conference before the preseason, coach Tuchel did not directly mention his name, but expressed his expectations by acknowledging the transfer of Kim Min-jae.

<Tuchel/Bayern Munich coach> “I want to replace Lucas Hernandez and it is no longer a secret who he is. I will not mention it because it does not help the negotiations. The signing will be announced in a few days.”

It was also revealed that Son Heung-min, who arrived in Australia, the country of his team Tottenham’s Asian tour, started training alone.

After joining players such as Harry Kane, who were caught in transfer rumors, Tottenham will have a friendly against EPL club West Ham in Australia on Tuesday.


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