Women’s handball defense specialist Han Mi-seul “I have to show you all the plays I’ve prepared!”

First Olympic challenge in Paris at age 30 “Encouraging juniors to run happily”

Han Mi-seul

“I want to show off all the plays I have prepared.”

Han Mi-seul (30, Samcheok City Hall), a defensive specialist for the Korean women’s handball team ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics, said this.

Han Mi-seul was first selected for the national team at the age of 20, but this is her first time competing on such a big stage as the Olympics.

Women’s handball is the only ball game in which Korea participates, so the pressure is likely to be even greater.

Han Mi-seul said on the 7th through the Korea Handball Association, “The people have high expectations, but rather than feeling burdened, we will think of it as interest and freely show the plays we have developed.”

He also said, “I want to have fun,” and “I expect every game to be really tough, but even in the tough times, I want to show all the plays we’ve created and prepared.

Han Mi-seul is a defensive specialist who stands out more in defense than offense. She played a pivotal role in helping Samcheok City Hall, which has a good defense, win two consecutive league championships.

In the Shinhan SOL Pay 2023-2024 Handball H-League that ended last April, he ranked high in defensive indicators such as 15 steals, 28 shot blocks, and 14 rebounds, and his contribution to victory is high in areas that are not captured by indicators such as physical contact.

In Paris, Han Mi-seul will have to fight even harder against European players.

Han Mi-seul expressed confidence, saying, “(During the June training camp) we came away from the game having competed against European players and realizing what we lack and what we do better.

He continued, “European players are slow in responding to countermeasures, so I think it would be good to make good use of this.”

Han Mi-seul retired due to injury, but returned last season and was selected for the national team again, which makes this Olympics even more special.

Han Mi-seul said, “I think we are the most like ourselves when we do everything we can, regardless of whether we win or lose,” and added, “I am encouraging my juniors to ‘play happily.’” 카지노사이트

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