Sportswear and Socks, Confiscated Ahead of MLB Seoul Opening Game

44,000 counterfeit items, including sportswear and socks, confiscated ahead of MLB Seoul opening game

Korean Intellectual Property Office intensively cracks down on trademark law violations… 7 wholesalers booked

The Korean Intellectual Property Office’s Trademark Special Judicial Police (Trademark Police)

cracked down on counterfeit products (counterfeit products) ahead of the opening game of the Major League Baseball (MLB) in Seoul,

booking seven wholesalers on charges of violating the trademark law and confiscating 44,000 pieces of clothing, etc.

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Wholesalers, including Mr. A (61), are suspected of distributing counterfeit products

such as MLB-related sportswear and socks nationwide based in Dongdaemun Market (2 locations) or Namdaemun Market (5 locations).

Through this intensive crackdown, the trademark police confiscated 44,341 counterfeit products (equivalent to 150 million won in genuine value)

bearing the trademarks of six famous MLB teams,

including the Los Angeles (LA) Dodgers and New York Yankees.

Until now, only a small amount of counterfeit products on display in stores were cracked down,

but in this crackdown, in order to prevent the distribution of counterfeit products in advance,

large-scale distributors of counterfeit products were identified and a seizure warrant was issued counterfeit products were confiscated.

In fact, in the case of the five Dongdaemun stores,

they are all adjacent, so when the first store was cracked down,

considering that the remaining stores were arranged in a structure that made it easy to hide or steal counterfeit products, seizure warrants were executed simultaneously at night and all five stores were cracked down.

Park Joo-yeon, Chief of the Trademark Special Judicial Police Division, said, “We have already confirmed that there is a lot of counterfeit MLB product distribution even before the opening game,” adding, “We will conduct crackdown activities to raise awareness of counterfeit product distributors until the opening game to prevent damage from counterfeit products.”

“We plan to continue,” he said.

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