Official announcement from Manchester United: “Anthony admits to assault charges

Manchester United is in trouble again. 

The issue of Antony’s personal life, brought in by coach Eric Tenhag after he took the helm, arose. 

Accused of using violence against his ex-wife.

 Manchester United admitted to the charges. 카지노사이트

Manchester United posted on the club’s official website on the 6th (Korean time)

“Manchester United acknowledges the charge of assault against Anthony.

The police are currently conducting an investigation.

The club will not comment further until further information is available.

“We are considering the impact that the allegations and resulting reporting will have on the individuals involved in the allegations.

We are taking this matter seriously

the statement said.

Last month, the British media ‘Sports Brief’ reported

Anthony’s ex-wife is planning to submit an assault report to the British police.

The ex-wife claimed that she was assaulted several times while meeting Anthony.

She is demanding legal compensation for domestic violence charges.

Status,” he announced.

The media said, “If the claims made by his ex-wife are true, he could be involved in three crimes.

This is the second time since he filed related charges with Brazilian authorities in June. The third allegation is that Anthony hit his ex-wife with his car.

According to reports, Anthony’s ex-wife is pregnant.”

He claimed that he had already contacted a legal representative and was preparing to file a complaint alleging assault against Anthony. 

Sports Brief’ reported

Manchester United and its agents are taking the incident very seriously.”

Manchester United has had a difficult time due to external factors related to players.

The person involved is Mason Greenwood. 

Greenwood’s downfall began in January of last year in a video posted online.

It was a shocking video. It was a scene where Greenwood forced his girlfriend to have sex and verbally abused her. 

Manchester police arrested Greenwood on suspicion of rape and assault, and during the investigation, additional threats of death were discovered.

Manchester United immediately removed Greenwood from their official roster. 

All related merchandise was also taken down, and it was announced that

Until further announcement, Greenwood will not be training or competing with the club.”

The lawsuit was withdrawn after a year, opening the possibility of a return. 

We investigated a related case in January 2022. We will not be pursuing any further criminal proceedings against Greenwood in this matter.

Although there is great media and public interest, we will not be commenting on additional details about this case.” The incident was concluded with an announcement from the Manchester Police Department.

Manchester United announced on the club’s official page

We are taking note of the police suspension decision.

The club will conduct its own procedures before deciding on the next steps.” Although pros and cons were heard within the club, the possibility of Greenwood’s return is still uncertain.

Currently, they said on the club’s official website, “In February of this year, all sexual assault charges against Greenwood were dropped.

We have begun a thorough investigation into the allegations against Greenwood. We have conducted an extensive investigation and have contacted those directly involved.

I have heard your story.

Our investigation phase is over and all that remains is to decide on Greenwood’s future.”

He continued, “Greenwood has been with Manchester United since he was 7 years old.

Contrary to media speculation, no decision has been made at this time. The decision rests with the CEO. Once a decision is made, it will be communicated to all Manchester United officials. Please be cautious. “We are considering the final steps. We ask for your patience,” he announced.

According to the Guardian, some Manchester employees nodded to Greenwood’s return, saying, “If he is not found guilty, the club should take care of the player.” Currently, Manchester United is conducting its own investigation into whether to return or release Greenwood.

Meanwhile, after all charges were dropped in February, Greenwood briefly said, “The matter is now resolved.

I am relieved. I would like to thank my family, loved ones, and friends for their support.” Manchester United decided to part ways with Greenwood, and he continues his new career in Spain.

Just as the Greenwood storm was about to pass, the Anthony charges exploded.

Anthony moved from Ajax to Manchester United last summer.

Manchester United strongly wanted Anthony and paid a transfer fee of 95 million euros (about 138.7 billion won) to Ajax.

Anthony also knows that his price is high, but he has pledged to devote himself to Manchester United.

In his debut season, he scored 10 goals and provided 5 assists in 47 appearances, including cup competitions.

He played as a starter most of the time, but if the transfer fee was over 100 billion won, he needed to work harder.

After completing pre-season warm-up, he appeared as a starter in the opening game of the Premier League.

In the home game against Wolverhampton, he led the team’s attack in a triangle with Garnacho and Marcus Rashford.

But he had no attacking points and he played for 77 minutes.

Manchester United reported their first win with a Raphael Varane winning goal.

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